Damage Charge Sheet

Terms and Conditions of Hire 

Every backdrop has been checked prior to delivery. Any damage, tears or marks MUST be reported to HAPACA Studio immediately upon receipt.

Every backdrop should only be used for it’s intended purpose, any damage arising from misuse will be chargeable.

The hirer shall at all times treat the backdrop with a reasonable level of care and shall ensure that it is kept clean and protected from wear and tear. We strongly recommend against using any type of adhesive substance as this could peel paint when removed. If the backdrop is to be stood on please use clean gaffer tape on the soles of shoes and heels to avoid footprints and damage.

The hirer shall not attempt to make any repairs to this backdrop at any time. Any damage arising from cleaning will be chargeable.

By proceeding with the hire you are accepting the above Terms and Conditions and remain responsible until the backdrop is returned to HAPACA Studio

Chargeable Fees

Spot Cleaning £50
Area Cleaning (per square meter)  £100
Minor Tear £250
Incorrect Packing (Ironing Charge) £100
Backdrop Replacement Cost Small £800
Medium £1,300
Large £1,700

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About Hapaca Studio

We create unique hand painted backdrops for photoshoots, films, interiors and more. For examples of our work please visit In use section on our homepage.