How do I rent a backdrop?

This is very simple! Just go to our rental backdrops section, add the backdrops of your choosing to the basket, then go to your basket and fill in your details on the form there.

Please note, by filling in the form you are not confirming the rental, only requesting a booking. After submitting the form, a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you deliver or do I need to organise my own transport?

Yes we are very flexible with transport options. The cost within London area is £55 plus VAT/one way so £110 plus VAT for delivery and pickup. The costs outside M25 will differ. 

You may also organise your own transport and in that case the you take full responsibility of the proper transportation of rented backdrops to and from HAPACA Studio.

What kind of a van do I need to book?

For Small backdrops you only need a smaller sized van or even a car - just make sure it can accommodate 300cm. For Medium and Large backdrops you need a Luton van or a long wheel-base van, that can fit 380cm.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday – Friday  9am – 6pm.

Weekend or out-of-hours pickups & deliveries can be arranged in advance.

Are the photos and colours of the backdrops on your website accurate?

All our backdrops are shot using flat lighting without any additional contrast and balanced to 5600K. Please be aware that all monitors are colour calibrated in different ways, or not at all, so we advise if you’d like to see the true colours please use a properly calibrated monitor, or try to look on different screens. Also be aware the colours look different in different types of light. For example, if you unroll a backdrop underneath a tungsten, or fluorescent studio lights, the colours will look different to the colours on our website.

Please be aware all our rental backdrops are being hired out regularly so they show various signs of usage, especially within first 6ft (2m) where the subject usually stands. These are not major markings which would drastically influence the photos.

Always be sure to check the High Resolution image of each particular backdrop to see the most accurate texture. 

If you need the backdrop to be absolutely flawless without any usage marks please check with us so we can make sure it will meet your expectations, especially when shooting moving image where spots can't be retouched.

Our backdrops are made of 9oz and 10oz organic canvas so there will be some light material creases in the fabric compared to purposely built MDF board flats.

What if a backdrop gets damaged? What are the costs?

In the event of loss, theft, or damage, the client is liable for a replacement or damage fee (please read the “Damage Charge Sheet")

How do I look after the backdrop?

Don’t use anything sharp to unwrap the backdrop.

If you must stand on the backdrop, please wipe your shoes clean first.

If a model is wearing heels, please put gaffer tape or soft pads on them to prevent serious damage and tears.

Don’t use staples!

To roll back the backdrop properly, please do it on a clean, even floor.

If you don’t have enough floor space, you can roll it on the scaff pole, but make sure it’s not bending too much, as this causes creasing & damage to the cloth. Usually it’s better to roll it in the middle and keep supporting the bar so it’s straight and the cloth rolls on nicely.

Please report to us if any damage is caused.

Can your backdrop be folded?

All backdrops rolled on cardboard tube MUST NOT be folded, this can damage the backdrop beyond repair.

Can I paint on your backdrop?

Absolutely not, you will be charged the full replacement fee.

Can I come and see the backdrops before buying/renting?

You certainly may, but we do charge a handling fee of £30/each for small, and £40/each for medium and large backdrops. 

Do i get a refund if i don't use the hired backdrop on my shoot?

Unfortunately not, once the backdrop is out on hire we can't rent to other customers so we would be loosing on profits. 

Do you do custom made backdrops?

Not at the moment as we work on many various projects but we have plenty of backdrops for sale to choose from so please go to http://hapacastudio.com/for-sale/ for the whole stock.

Are the backdrop sizes stated on your website absolutely accurate?

The canvas tends to shrink based on how much acrylic paint is applied but its never more than 35cm.

Do you hire or sell abroad?

Yes we’re happy to ship globally. 

Can I extend my hire?

Please contact us as soon as you know you’d like to extend your booking, as the backdrop may already be on option with a different client. In general though, it’s not a problem.

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